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Roundup - Best Dog Articles of the Week.

To use as a treat I remove the top and cut in half after washing thoroughly. Broccoli contains isothiocyanates, a chemical has been known to cause stomach upset in . Just remember to remove the seeds and and pit before giving it to your dog since they pose a choking hazard. ?This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase I?ll earn a small commission. The Benefits of Using Fruits & Veggies as Dog Treats The reason I love using fruits & veggies as treats for my dog is because I can easily control the portion size (making your own is another great way to control portion size). Factors such as foliage, humidity, temperature, and/or infectious agents are all possibilities, and could affect camouflage, resistance to heat or thermoregulation, or resistance to infections. They?re a good source of vitamins A & C, as well as being high in fiber. The featured image is one of their amazing (and always happy) dogs. When feeding your dog fruits & veggies make sure to wash thoroughly and remove seeds before serving. Before giving to your dog make sure you remove the seeds and rind. Strawberries do contain a lot of sugar, so like most treats be sure to use them in moderation. My dog?s not a fan of zucchini, but she is pretty picky. They do contain slight amounts of , so give your dog raspberries in moderation. They?re low in fat, high in fiber and vitamin C. ? Resources & Recommended Reading 10 Easy Pieces to Liven Up Mouth Watering 10 ? What Fruits & Veggies Does Your Dog Love? Does your dog go bonkers for carrots & snap peas like mine? Have you managed to get your dog to eat asparagus? I?d love to know what healthy human treats your dog enjoys. If you don?t want to shed a few tears this morning bookmark it and read later; you won?t be disappointed. Celery Laika loves plain old celery ? just like many dogs she?s a fan of super crunchy things. They?re relatively cheap and something we?ve always got on hand. But let?s get back to relaxing for the moment. She?s picky like that. Green beans are a great source of fiber, manganese, and vitamins A, C & K. 19. 9. 10. It also contains high amounts of beta carotene and potassium. See more via . They also contain plenty of vitamin B6 & C. Too much of any treat, regardless of how healthy they are, can cause stomach issues for your dog ? especially if it?s a treat they?re not used to. To make them into dog training treats I cut them in half lengthwise to remove the seeds. Please share with your friends ? Recommended Reading.? ?? Gregory Barsh of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology One of the many Happy Tails created by the Frosted Faces Foundation. They?re also a great source of vitamins C & K. Brussell Sprouts Brusssel sprouts are good for dogs, though Laika?s not a fan and will spit them out immediately. These can be a bit messy but they?re easy to manage when frozen. Watermelon (Seedless) In the summertime I?ve always got some watermelon on hand. Zucchini Zucchini is a great low calorie treat for your dog. Cucumbers are an excellent source of vitamin K. 8. I couldn?t agree more with their choices; they?ve highlighted some of my personal favorites. Broccoli is high in fiber and Vitamin C. I love using fruits and veggies for treats; they?re healthy, they?re low in calories, and they?re something I?ve already got on hand. They?re easy to clean, peel, and chop up so I?m also a big fan ? and yes, carrots are safe for dogs. The other benefit of course is knowing exactly what my dog is consuming. Green Beans When I give Laika green beans she seems a bit perplexed; I think she assumes they?re going to be snap peas. Sugar snap peas are a good source of fiber, protein, phosphorus, folate, zinc, manganese, and potassium. 20. 14. She spent so much time thoroughly inspecting it before she dared touch it. I don?t have to worry about ingredients I?m not familiar with, nor the ones I can?t even begin to pronounce. Best Dog Articles of the Week So yes ? the first link isn?t about a dog at all, but it?s amazing none the less. New research suggests that dogs might not have black skin or fur by chance, it seems to help them live longer ? although the direct link to health remains a mystery. Never short on honesty and humor Jen from My Brown Newfies shares the ins and outs of owning a show dog. Such a nice write up of the things our senior dogs would probably like us to remember. Pears Pears are another fruit dogs can eat. Because it?s so high in fiber use moderation when giving your dog pineapple. Raspberries Raspberries are good for dogs in moderation. They are excellent sources of Vitamins A, B5, B6 and C and they?re high in fiber, manganese, and potassium. Carrots If my dog Laika had her way I?d be using ? she absolutely loves them. They?re low in calories and high in fiber and vitamin C. Dogs are generally considered to be seniors by the age of age 7. Fruits have an abundance of natural sugar, so stick with a few small pieces at a time. Celery is a great source of vitamins A, B, and C, calcium, potassium, iron, sodium, and phosphorus. Congrats to all the finalists and be sure to check out all of the wonderful nominees. It?s a low calorie fruit rich in vitamins A & C, beta carotene, potassium, calcium, zinc, fiber, and magnesium. 12. Bananas When using bananas as training treats I like to dice them up and freeze them. It has a large amount of vitamin C as well as being high in fiber.? 7. It doesn?t get much simpler than washing and chopping up celery. But after doing some research I figured out which fruits and vegetables are safe for dogs, so I made this list for quick reference. 2. They?re rich in dietary fiber and nutrients. Broccoli Broccoli is safe for dogs in moderation. To use them as training treats I was them thoroughly and cut the ends off. If you don?t like chopping and peeling you can give your dog baby carrots. Spinach is a good source of iron, antioxidants and vitamin K. She?ll eat them regardless, but she always pauses for a moment. Sweet Potatoes Some of our use sweet potatoes; they make long lasting treats. ? Recommended Reading 20 Fruits & Veggies That Are Good For Dogs Last updated on April 9, 2022 By Puppy Leaks I love to mix things up when I?m training Laika, and switching up her treats is an easy way to keep her motivated. Bananas are high in potassium, fiber, and magnesium. A must read for anyone who has considered showing. My dog will literally work for celery ? it doesn?t get much better than that. Carrots are , low in calories, a good source of beta carotene and vitamin A. Many fruits & veggies are high in fiber which is great for us, but in dogs too much fiber can cause . Scat detection dogs locate samples from multiple species simultaneously to help find valuable information for conservation planners. Besides I haven?t seen many dog treats that come in a nice small size. Brussel sprouts are known to cause gas, so you may want to feed in moderation. Although fruits & veggies tend to be low in calories they can add up quickly. Enjoy your nice cup of coffee with some great reading this weekend. They?re an excellent source of water (92%), potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A & C. 16. In small quantities broccoli is safe for dogs. In addition to being good for your dogs skin and coat, pumpkin can also help alleviate mild digestive issues such as diarrhea or constipation. Canned or cooked fresh pumpkin is preferred ? dogs can even have in moderation. These Treats Are Healthy, But Remember to Use in Moderation When it comes to giving your dog fruits & veggies moderation is key. Cantaloupe I was surprised by how well Laika loved cantaloupe once she actually tried it. Apples Apples are another favorite of mine when it comes to healthy dog treats. Here?s 20 fruits and veggies that are good for dogs. Because apples tend to have the highest concentration of out of any fruit make sure you wash thoroughly. Cucumber Another great healthy option that?s low in calories. They?re high in vitamins C & K, as well as being high in fiber. You won?t see my trimming Laika?s nails without a few of these on hand. Blueberries have a tendency to stain everything; so you might want to consider using these outdoor treats only. Carrots are pretty high in carbohydrates, so remember use in moderation. Laika loves them, but my previous dog wouldn?t go near them; your mileage may vary. They?re rich in vitamins B & C, and they?re a great source of dietary fiber. 15. Strawberries Who doesn?t love strawberries? They?re full of fiber, magnesium, potassium, iodine, and folic acid. They also contain omega 3 fatty acids and plenty of vitamins B1, B6, C and K. Puppy Leaks has been nominated for best new blog ? I?m extremely honored and grateful. 13. 11. You can chop them up into little bite sized snacks or serve them in larger ?chips. Remember to remove the stem, core, and seeds before giving your dog an apple. Pumpkin There are numerous health benefits to pumpkin which make people refer to it as a super fruit. To use them as treats I?d suggest using a food dehydrator or boiling them first. 18. Besides Zukes have you found any other bite sized healthy dog treats? This post contains affiliate links; if you make a purchase I?ll earn a small commission. From poop sniffing dogs to challenging how much you really know about owning a show dog here are my picks for best dog articles of the week. And rather than having to buy bags of treats all the time I usually just pick out some fruits and veggies I?ve already got on hand. Victoria Stillwell?s blog put out a list of 10 pet blogs to watch. Thank you so much for being awesome. Then they?re washed and chopped up into bite sized pieces. Sugar Snap Peas Sugar snap peas are Laika?s favorite treat by far ? and they?re pretty nutrient rich. They just need a quick washing and they?re ready to go. 3. Cantaloupe contains vitamins A, B and C. 6. 20 Fruits & Veggies That Are Good For Dogs Looking for some healthy treats for your dog? I was too and I kept finding myself asking ?can my dog eat that?? when looking at all of the human foods we have in our house. Blueberries Blueberries are another great fruit that?s good for dogs, and many consider them a superfruit because of they?re so rich in antioxidants. Their extra crunchiness also makes them good for your dogs teeth. 17. Spinach Spinach is good for dogs, but if yours is like mine she won?t have anything to do with it. One of the most honest and heartfelt essays I?ve read in a long time. Best Dog Deals of the Week PetSmart ? Buy 2 dog toys Petco ? Chuckit! Ball Launcher Entirely Pets ? off dog toys, treats, and meds Only Natural Pet ? JW dog toys Favorite Dog Video of the Week Yep it?s the always entertaining this time vs Judge Judy. 4. A 2006 study found that supplementing increased the amount of antioxidants in their bodies.Roundup #4 The Best Dog Articles of the Week Last updated on December 29, 2017 By Puppy Leaks I?m trying to relax this weekend, but the shock from Tuesday?s announcement on the nominations from Blog Paws hasn?t worn off. Raw pears are , 15% carbohydrates and contains negligible protein and fat, making them a great low calorie snack. Their small size makes them a perfect little training treat. Here?s a list of 20 fruits and veggies that are good for dogs. Have you looked at the size of most dog treats lately? They?re huge. 1. Make sure you buy seedless watermelon or take the time to remove the seeds and rind before serving. 5. Pineapple Pineapple is a healthy treat for dogs

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